Declutter and Organization

Bringing Calm, Safety, and Organization to Your Home
Life’s Next Step specializes in helping seniors and families that are experiencing challenges in maintaining control in their home.


Taming the Clutter Beast

  • Identify areas to attack
  • Create a plan and timeline
  • Sort, purge and disburse of unwanted items
  • Arrange for shedding or dumpster services and donation pick-ups
  • Provide organizational systems
  • Create a useful and beautiful home through furniture rearrangement and placement
  • Pay close attention to ensure that your home has safe and clear pathways for easy maneuvering


Declutter and organization services for seniorsMany people have lived in their home for years, even decades, and are now finding that they have collected too many things resulting in their home becoming a challenge to live in and potentially pose trip hazards and health risks. Others live a busy life with work, family and responsibilities and they are overwhelmed with bringing order back to their home.

Life’s Next Step will help tame the beast of clutter. We work with you to identify what is not working and then we set a game plan. We help you sort through the many piles and items in your home and clean out the items that you no longer find useful or bring you joy. With the clutter gone, we then bring order to your home, so it is organized, safe, peaceful and enjoyable.


Thanks so much for your help in organizing Mom’s apartment. She really enjoyed working with you. You were able to get her involved more than I can.
Carolyn T.

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