About Life’s Next Step

Serving Families in Austin, Texas Since 2008

Linda Carter first experienced the challenge of downsizing when her Mother, at age seventy-six, was faced with the daunting task of selling her home of forty years. With a home full of cherished belongings and years of memories, her Mother was not prepared for the physical or emotional demands of such an undertaking.

As Linda helped her mother through each step of the transition, she felt happiness and relief when she witnessed her Mother’s expression of burden replaced with comfort and freedom. It was a pivotal time in both of their lives. With over eighteen years of experience simplifying overwhelming projects into manageable tasks as a Property Manager, Linda chose to help individuals and their families simplify their lives. Naturally, in 2008, Life’s Next Step was formed.

After seeing the happiness and relief her new service provided, Linda determined that this type of rewarding work should be shared with others. Life’s Next Step has assembled a team of employees that do this job not merely for the paycheck, but for the enjoyment of helping others and seeing the relief that our support brings. Our team members range from all backgrounds – former mortgage bankers, nurses, social workers, college students, mothers, fathers, real estate agents; anyone with a big heart, are enjoyable to be around, and has a genuine desire to help people through a difficult time.

The more individuals worked with Linda and her team, the more they realized that they were working with a talented group of quality, hardworking people with a real passion for their work. Finding this group of trusted helpers, these individuals began relying on them for other complimentary services. Word got around, so Life’s Next Step expanded services to meet demand.

We are proud to offer assistance in making repairs to existing residences for individuals wanting to remain in their homes or for those wanted to put their home on the market, estate disbursal clean-out after a loved one has moved or passed away, relocation services for families and executives, and de-cluttering & organization for people wishing to make their homes more livable. We look forward to helping you with your challenges.

Linda is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), is Senior Move Manager Certified, and has received the Circle of Service Award from NASMM. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Additionally, she has earned the Executive Certification in Home Modifications from The University of Southern California’s Gerontology Department.

Let Linda and her team help you accomplish the freedom and joy that Life’s Next Step will bring.

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When I talk about what I do, for Life’s Next Step, I usually start out with ‘it’s difficult to refer to it as work’. Though it can be a very physical activity, helping people achieve their next move smoothly makes it worth the sweat. I enjoy meeting our clients and hearing a bit of their life story. The satisfaction we all get as we work to recreate the home they have left, for smaller, yet comfortable and safer communities…is like nothing else I’ve ever done.


LNS Employee Since 2013

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